A Little About Me + How I Started my Biz

Hi, my name is Andrea & I'm a small business owner. 

It all started 2 years ago when I desperately wanted to quit my full time job and start a business of my own.  I wanted to be a my very own #bossbabe.  

My whole life I had always been a go-getter.  My parents instilled that in me from a young age.  You see, I was born in a communist country.  Romania to be exact and fled to the United States with my parents in 1989.  We somehow landed in Dallas, Texas where my parents had to start a completely new life with a 2 1/2 year old baby (me). 

Fast forward 28 years to me getting married, buying a beautiful home and having a cushy corporate job.  It seemed to be what the "American Dream" was made of however I felt like something was missing.  I hated going to work everyday and didn't find fulfillment in it like I  once did.  One day, my husband bought us tickets to go to the local football game and I quickly ran out to try to a find a cute new shirt to wear.  I went to multiple stores and all I could find were the same things over and over again.  Scratchy, oversized and manly looking t-shirts that I knew would get one wear and be thrown in the bottom of my drawer. At that moment, I knew that if i had that problem, a lot of other girls did to so I  did what any wannabe entrepreneur would do.  Start a business!

I  came up with a name - The Gameday Chic and started on Etsy selling game day t-shirts that I  would find on Pinterest and re-create them with different fonts.  It did okay but I knew that if I wanted a sustainable business, I had to be unique.  After a year of trial and error with Etsy, Instagram and Facebook (more error then trail), I finally found my niche. In Feb 2018, I started looking at other accounts on IG for inspiration and decided to start a whole new "lifestyle" apparel line geared toward game day.  The goal was to create fun & trendy sayings that any sports fan would love to wear everyday instead of just to that games.  
(I don't know about you, but I will only wear team shirts and jerseys to games and MAYBE out to a bar to catch the game.)

The new line was a HUGE hit among the few followers I had at the time.  Shirts like this one & this were some of the most popular. Around the same time, IG stories had just been released and even though I  was a little apprehensive to show my face on camera, I decided to dive into doing more stories because I knew that it could connect me more with my followers that way. I wanted people to know that I was an actual person behind all the designs and the posts.  Of course, I worried about what I would say and if anyone would listen or even care, but to my surprise, so many of you DID listen and DID care.  You cared about me & my business. You sent me DM's and voted when I  put up polls and that gave me so much confidence to continue doing what I was doing because lets face it, I    wanted to quit SO MANY TIMES. Little by little, I became more confident in myself and in my business and started coming up with more designs, started doing giveaways to show appreciation, and started being more authentic on camera- no makeup and all! 

The Gameday Chic just celebrated it's 2nd birthday and I couldn't be more proud of the brand that I    have created and will continue to cultivate and grow.  I run my business full time now and I can confidently that that my personal "American Dream" came true. 

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you want to hear more about my personal business journey / tips i've learned along the way / or more specific information.  I'd love to share what I  can. xo.

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