Our Holiday Photoshoot

We haven't taken professional photos in such a long time... maybe since our wedding... 5 YEARS AGO! 😬 
We decided that since we just moved to the city 3 months ago, we should document this part of our lives.  After a bit of searching and asking around, I found an AMAZING photographer.  Her name is Hannah and she is incredible.

She also did my photos for my online business here. My initial goal was just to take a few photos on top of our building because we have some spectacular views of the city but Hannah insisted that we take some on the street to showcase the beautiful architecture and streets of Chicago.  She also was kind enough to take some pictures with our 8 year old Flat Coated Retriever, Sadie.  We don't have kids, so we treat Sadie like our baby and must include her. 🐶 If you're in the Chicago area and need a photographer,  Hannah is your girl!  You can contact her through her website or follow her on IG here

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures! xx- Andrea 



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