What We're Doing for the Holidays

The holidays are going to be a tricky time for us this year and every year moving forward since we moved from Dallas to Chicago a few months ago. Both of our families live in Dallas, so the holidays have never been an issue for us.  Every year, we would spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family, have Christmas Eve with my in laws and Christmas Day with my mom. (My parents are divorced and my dad lives in Eastern Europe.)

This year, we both decided that we will not be going back to Dallas for the holidays.  Our thought process in making this decision was simply because we just made the move to Chicago and didn't want to incur another large expense.  (Plane tickets, time off work, hotels & pet boarding.) 

So this year, we will be hosting Thanksgiving & Christmas at our apartment in Chicago... just the three of us.  (Me, Adam and Sadie.)  My brother in law was in town a few weeks ago on a business trip and I told him how guilty I felt that we would not be going to back to see everyone for the holidays.  He assured me that it was okay and that it was time to make new new holiday traditions this year.

We are excited to incorporate some of his advice and look forward to a relaxing turkey day.  Have you experienced living in a different state from the rest of your family and how do you handle it during the holidays?  I'd love to know.

xx- Andrea

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