How I Feel About People Stealing My Designs on Etsy

Going on a bit of a rant today...

If you followed along on my IG stories a few days ago then you know that I made the discovery that many of my designs were taken by other shops on Etsy.  Let's just say that I wasn't very happy, as you can imagine.  I spend A LOT of time coming up with sayings, getting inspiration and finding fonts so to have someone just take something I created is quite disheartening.

I've reached out to Etsy multiple times but unfortunately, they really don't do anything besides give the shop owner a warning, then the shop owner just puts the listing back up.  I would have to personally report every single account every time one of my designs was taken and honestly, I just don't have time for it. I've also gone the Copyright route but after money spent and time wasted, I found out that a copyright doesn't offer much protection for sayings or slogans.  The solution? I would have to pay a pretty penny (upwards of $500 each) to trademark each saying.  🤦🏼‍♀️ I'm actually considering doing this because this design is being replicated multiple times.  I even found it sold as an SVG file which means anyone can purchase it and make their own t-shirt out of it.

Part of the reason i'm not as active on Etsy anymore is because almost every item sold is just a replica of someone else's work.  I want to stand out in a very saturated marketplace and want to provide my customers with original designs and sayings that they won't find anywhere else.  I know that this sort of thing happens when a store gets more and more eyes on it, but it still doesn't make it right. Some would say its a form of flattery but I say it's downright stealing. Be creative, work a little harder and don't steal other people's work.

PS:  I'm getting some of my designs trademarked and plan on communicating with the shops that have stolen something from me.  In the next year, my hope is to have all the non-creative copy cats removed from Etsy.

If you search: It's a Sliding Into Home Kinda Day on Etsy you will find pages and pages of designs, some with the exact font I use. See video below.

PSS: If you ever see a design of mine being replicated, please contact me.  


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