My Top 5 Things to Do/ Eat When Visiting Chicago

I wanted to share my top 5 things that you MUST see, do and eat at and NO they do not involve your usual touristy attractions like Navy Pier, deep dish pizza and the "Bean". After all, you're reading this because you want the inside scoop on the good spots, right?

As some of you may know, my husband and I moved to Chicago about 4 months ago from Dallas, TX.  We had been coming to the city for our anniversary for 5 straight years and always imaged what it would be like if we actually moved here one day.  Well, the stars finally aligned this year and were able to move in August. Since moving to the city, we have made a pact to never go to the same place twice, therefore forcing us to try different spots.

Stay in the River North area specifically at the ACME hotel.  This is by far THE BEST location because you are close to everything. We have personally stayed at this edgy boutique hotel every time we have visited and have even recommended our friends and family to stay here. (They loved it too.) It's very affordable, comfortable, in a great location and has the best hotel bar downstairs called The Berkshire Room.

Lets get to my top 5 things to do, see and eat in Chicago:

Hopefully, you will visit the city during late spring, summer or fall so that you can take a boat tour.  This is something you do not want to miss out on even if you're not into architecture.  The buildings in Chicago have so much history and are just amazing to look at.  I recommend using Wendella boat tours but any one of them will work.  They are about $39 per person and take about 1.5 hours. No visit to Chicago is complete without a boat tour through the city.

Not only is Wrigley Field one of the most iconic ballparks, but also one of the oldest. (1914) We have been to a few games already and the atmosphere is unbelievable.  There are tons of bars surrounding the stadium with the nicest fans.  Not to mention you can get an iconic Chicago dog at the stadium... thats worth going right there.

Forget the deep dish and go get yourself some of the best pizza you will ever have at Pequods.  It's about a 15 min drive to Lincoln Park from River North but well worth it. And you'll probably skip the crazy wait times too.

4) CHECK OUT THE BEACH (if you visit between June-September)
Yes, Chicago has a beach! I didn't know that either until I moved here.  It's complete with sand volleyball, restaurants on the beach and a spectacular view of the city.  There are a few beaches you can go to but the closest one would be Oak Street Beach.

Do you want to try to best burger you will ever have in your entire life?  (That's a big promise, huh?) Well, this place is that good.  There is also a 3 hour wait without fail so bring a snack.  My advice? Get there right when it opens for the best chance to get seated as quickly as possible.  If you don't feel like waiting, they also own a smaller pop-up restaurant called Small Cheval and are located around the city.  Still a fantastic burger-- just a little less fancy.

ok fine, I  have to include one more and you know it has to be food.

This is a place you must go to when visiting Chicago to get a classic Chicago Dog & fries. Just don't ask for ketchup.. they will look at your weird. And if you're in the mood for something sweet & love chocolate, get one of their chocolate cake shakes. (Ok, now i'm hungry)

There are so many things to do in Chicago but these are just a few that I think are staples when visiting the city. I joke with Adam (my hubs) all the time that we don't even really need to plan out where we are going for dinner because we can just walk outside and find some pretty awesome places.  If you're a foodie, love old buildings/ history, love fantastic weather (except in the winter) and are okay with walking then you need to visit Chicago.  It's an absolutely magical city and i'm proud to call it home.


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