The Gameday Chic Christmas Photoshoot

I'm a little late in posting these adorable pictures from my most recent photoshoot with Hannah.  I  like to take professional pictures for my website about 4 times a year or when I have a new collection that i'm launching.

I struggled so hard this year with what I wanted to create for Christmas. I didn't know if I should re-create your typical holiday shirt or have something sports related.  It's HARD getting creative sometimes, y'all but I think I managed to do a good job this year and was super pleased with how the collection came out. 

This year, I decided to incorporate a few new items that had never been released on my site before like camp mugs, tote bags, pillows and even ornaments.  I wanted to give you guys some good gift ideas besides a shirt or sweatshirt to give your sports loving gal pal (or to yourself).  The feedback was amazing and i'm so glad that you all loved the collection as much as I did.  2019 will be even bigger and better! 

I've also been going non stop since February of this year so i've decided to take a little mini vacation starting Dec 22-Jan 2 to really enjoy the holiday season.  I  plan on going ice skating in Wrigleyville or Millennium Park (Can't decide which one yet), hit up some Christmas bars, take a stroll down Michigan Ave to see the lights, watch endless amounts of cheesy Christmas movies & catch up on some overdue reading.  Basically anything but business. LOL 

The shop will stay open and I will be fulfilling any orders that come in, but blog posts, IG stories on my TGC account and posting will be non existent these 11 days. I will also be checking email, so if you need to get ahold of me, you can email me here

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and see you in 2019 with even better designs! 🥂

xx- Andrea 

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